About me

Hi Everyone! My name is Alexis and I am the artist behind Spirit Led Designs! I am 35 and I’m from Ohio. I’ve been crafting as far as I can remember but have only picked up painting in the last 5 years or so. And have only recently been selling my pieces. I am having so much fun and I do such a variety of projects that I thought it would be super fun to show others how to do them as well.

My AMAZING Hubby Ray of 15 years is the most incredibly hardworking man I have ever met. We’ve been having a lot of fun over the last year with buying a new house and going for rides on our Motorcycle!!

We have 3 kids! Dylan is 14, Katie is 12, and Michael is 10!! Dylan is a typical teenager, loves his Xbox, loves cars, guns, and pocketknives! He helps me move all of my furniture I’m painting. Katie is a sweetheart and loves helping me with my crafts and doing her own projects!! Michael is my busy man and LOVES watching the Flash! He also loves being involved in whatever his brother and sister are doing.

We have Gracie, our 1 year old all white Boxer puppy. Merlin is our 9 year old black pug. Stormy is our old man cat. We also have 2 guinea pigs, a bearded dragon, and some fish.

One of the most important things in my life other then my crafting and painting is my church, Bridge of Hope. I am a worship leader and I absolutely love my Worship Team!!